Death by Dad Bod



The Problem

We’ve given everything to our kids and families. Working long hours, up with the kids at night and then back to work the next morning. Our backs hurt, we’re tired, don’t want to cook, and we definitely don’t want to add a workout to that packed schedule.

However, we absolutely CAN NOT roll over and accept that extra 20+ pounds hanging over our “stuff.” We can’t accept mediocrity, laziness, lack of dedication, or any other trait that we don’t want our kids to adopt as well.

The dream of being a professional athlete may be over by now, but who cares when you’re still a superhero?

Being a Dad means YOU are here for THEM. Your kids, your spouse, the dogs, the bills, car repairs… All of that.

You absolutely owe it to your family and those that rely upon you to stay fit. You may even find something you enjoy doing in the process of matching that superhero role, to a superhero staring back at you in the mirror.

The Solution

First thing’s first, put a plan in place. Hold yourself accountable to that plan. Get some friends in it too, because Dads travel in packs and teamwork makes the dream work!

Next, stick it out. You will feel results with every repetition. You likely won’t see them for a few weeks. Provided you don’t eat like a stoned grizzly bear preparing for Winter… You will see gains in strength, conditioning, and  maybe even your love life.

All you have to do, is the work. I’m not asking you to spend four hours in the gym, take a bunch of powdered “food,” cut your shirt into basically an inverted bra… None of that. All you gotta do, is dig as deep as you can for sixty minutes tops. Some days, you’ll get smoked out after twenty. You’ll even get a rest day once a week.


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