The Plan


The Plan

These workouts require minimal time and equipment. No crazy movements, no weight machines, no buggy apps… Just simple and realistic fitness. Once a day, delivered to your e-mail. While I can’t guarantee that you’ll lose 100lbs or prevent a heart attack in the future, I can guarantee that you will get a solid workout in. I can guarantee that the activity you do with your kids will be a blast and cost less than $50.

We as fathers (or father-figures) owe it to those that rely on us. Hell, we owe it to ourselves. Be a better you. Be a better Dad.


Make the Commitment


Get 12 Months of Programming for Just $10!

Death By Dad Bod is already priced extremely cheap, given the services offered... However, this is the deal of a century! Get a fully year of daily workouts and more, delivered to your e-mail for just $10!