The Programming

Death By Dad Bod is For Everyone!

While there is no One-Size-Fits-All for overall health and fitness, there are certain traits that will create a well-rounded Dad.

The main goal of Death by Dad Bod is conditioning. I want you to be able to chase the kids while they learn how to ride a bike without getting winded. You should be able to mow the lawn, weed-eat, and blow off the driveway without it ending your day. Basic vehicle maintenance shouldn’t cause you pain or wear you out after. (Unless you’re working on a rusty old Toyota SUV. Been there, done that. There is no solution for that. Sorry fellas.)

The programming is designed to create the “Yeah, let’s go!” Dad. Some of the activities I have done with my kids can be taxing!

For instance, I’m starting my Step-Son on BMX racing next season. Why on Earth would I not race with him? I can set the example of setting a goal and training for it. I can set the example of taking my butt-whipping on day one with my pride still in tact, because as an adult I understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day. There are so many life lessons that can be learned in racing or competition that are silent. Well, I can’t do ANY of that, if I can hardly pedal a bike for longer than five seconds without getting winded.

Another example would be T-Ball or baseball. If my shoulder mobility doesn’t allow me to comfortably throw a baseball for a few hours, I’m robbing him of his chance to learn the game. If I can’t race him around the bases, he’ll never learn just how hard he has to sprint to even make it to first.

Obviously cardio is important, but so is strength! It’s essential to be strong. Kids are heavy, especially when they’re asleep in the back seat. When your Wife needs Christmas stuff from the attic, you should be hesitant due to the mess it will create in your living room.. Not because you are physically unable to bring that stuff down from the attic. If you need to defend yourself or your family in public, you need the strength to overcome a threat.

That strength will also keep you at work. Strains and sprains, followed by back injuries are costing us thousands of work hours each year. In addition, while you’re at home injured you are unable to help your family with chores.

To sum up Death By Dad Bod… You will not become the strongest man on the block. You won’t be the fastest either. Death By Dad Bod is not a short plan. It is not an X Weeks to Killer Biceps or an X to 50k trail run program. But I’ll be damned if you won’t be able to hang with either of the two in the gym or out on a run.

The most important and primary goal however, is teaching your kids what grit is. The grit to suffer through a workout and carry about your day. The grit to say, “Hey, lets go hike today!” And then carry your tired child and his bag for a 5 mile hike to see some Bald Eagles.

One e-mail a day will keep the family running. One e-mail, 30-60min of suffering, and a smelly Dad… For a lifetime of health, wellness, and a child that gets to watch their Dad take charge and lead.


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